Business Coaching & Consulting Services


Comprehensive Service Offerings


Executive Team Assessment

We conduct confidential interviews with each team member using a proprietary process, mining critical data points and looking for patterns that will help us identify focus areas. An executive report is provided to entire team, along with a facilitated group discussion to determine next steps.

Goal Setting

Based upon the goals of the organization and the assessment data, specific goals and timelines will be established — both individually and as a team.

Meeting Assessment | Observation | Facilitation

Since such a large percentage of time is spent in meetings, we will isolate purpose/structure/agendas for each meeting and re-create for optimum efficiency. We will observe team behavior and make recommendations for coaching. When facilitation would add value, we step in as a third party in order to build team effectiveness.

Strengths-Based Leadership

We identify and build upon individual and team strengths rather than wasting precious time attempting to overcome weaknesses. We identify gaps, evaluate and match skill sets with job responsibilities resulting in a high-performing team doing quality work that is rewarding.

Creative Problem-Solving

Wicked problems stop leaders cold. We serve as your thinking partner, guiding you to discover extraordinary solutions you wouldn’t likely reach on your own.

Executive Retreat

It’s critical for any executive team to get offsite to work on the business. We care about relationships and know how valuable it is to connect with one another on deeper levels. We also understand that sometimes a leader needs to get some healthy 1-1 time with their coach. We customize our solutions, offering several options.

Individual Coaching Strategy

We will co-create an individual strategy tailored to each team member and their particular needs, along with tangible data points to measure progress.

System/Process Analysis

We identify system breakdowns and recommend process innovation strategies. We see what you don’t see and help you manage the solution.

High-Level Leadership Support

We offer a safe, confidential place for you to put your fears without bias or judgement. We know leaders often feel alone, and they receive enormous benefit by saying hard truths out loud to someone who doesn’t have a ‘dog in the race’. We are exquisite listeners.


We specialize in creative thinking — which is critical to any growth strategy. We understand the value of idea sessions and are experts at facilitating game-changing strategies to cull and craft the right ideas for the greatest good of all concerned.


We guide you toward more conscious, spirit-guided business decisions and leadership principles. We teach you ways to love your people even more, using a proprietary set of principles called “Love Operating System”.

Customized, Heart-Centered Approach

We recognize each organization for its uniqueness, and celebrate who you already are by customizing our approach to meet your specific needs. We pull from a well-used toolbox of human development tools built over decades of best practices.