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Charrise McCrorey, Certified Business and Transformative Coach/Facilitator/Author

Since 2006, Charrise has helped leaders improve the effectiveness of their communication across all channels in life and business. Her passion is supporting heart-centered leaders who believe in the power of their people and are led by a meaningful purpose.

She is committed to having conversations that move the most important issues forward, and utilizes a gentle yet fierce approach to guide leaders to get to the heart of the matter. She is intuitive and relationship oriented, and actively seeks mastery in the area of conscious conversation.

In her world, everything begins with a conversation.

Charrise is certified as both a business and a transformative coach, and she has earned multiple figurative degrees in the school of life. Her lifelong commitment to learning has been somewhat unconventional (ask her about this).

Using above average creative problem solving skills, Charrise seeks to guide leaders to create solutions to the most wicked problems — solving recurring problems once and for all.

As a published c0-author of a book called Rise, Charrise is a talented writer and thinking partner, continuously learning and growing right alongside her clients.


Strategic Partners

Kevin Wachtel

Chief Strategy Officer – National & Global, Indiana Wesleyan University

Founder of The W Group Consulting

Kevin Wachtel is Chief Strategy Officer for Indiana Wesleyan University – National & Global, a position that is still unique within higher education. His focus is creating a metrics-oriented plan that drives the university to meet its vision and mission in addition to providing internal coaching and consulting support, creating and fostering collaboration and being a change agent.

Prior to joining IWU, Kevin founded his own consulting practice, The W Group, and was on a mission to help companies develop strong and constructive work cultures, develop leaders and managers and strengthen employee and client engagement practices and results.

He spent 19 years as an SVP and GM with Fiserv Output Solutions, running a transaction mail and credit card production operation generating 400 million units of production per year as well as operations roles at First Data and Shell Oil Company. He was involved in a culture improvement initiative that resulted in reduced costs, increased revenue growth, reduced turnover and improved client retention and satisfaction among other positive results. Output Solutions was regularly named the #1 inbound/outbound print communications operation in the Madison Advisors Best Practices Assessment.

Kevin holds a BS in Business Administration from Butler University and an MBA from Oklahoma State University with Phi Kappa Phi honors.

Charrise McCrorey

Charrise McCrorey

Kevin Wachtel

Kevin Wachtel

David Firth, Principal — David Firth Consulting

David has consulted to some of the largest organizations around the world on the human aspects of change, which he says happens neither top-down or bottom-up, but inside-out.

His particular expertise is in communication, which he asserts is not one thing, but the only thing. Nothing we are going to do in our companies - leadership, engagement or culture - is going to happen outside of ’the ocean of communication in which we all swim.’ His workshops develop presence, authentic connection, and outcomes created through chosen accountability.

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David Firth

David Firth