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The effectiveness with which leaders do and do not communicate has a direct impact on the sort of culture which exists — ultimately effecting the bottom line.

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Top 10 Wicked Leadership Problems:

  1. Communication failures

  2. Lack of alignment with what really matters

  3. Unclear focus

  4. Lack of true accountability

  5. Lowered expectations

  6. Poor business results

  7. Difficulty keeping the right people

  8. Unproductive meetings

  9. Low morale

  10. Actively disengaged workforce

We would love to help you solve these problems once and for all.


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We offer creative solutions to organizations who understand the value of communicating with integrity, purpose and heart.

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Leaders are frustrated with the inefficiency and drama associated with poor communication. They can’t clearly see how to get out of the loop of non-productive conversations, and know they need help. They are lonely; weary of having to recognize the separate agendas of those around them.

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Our Heart-Centered Approach

We are best matched with mission-driven, growth-oriented organizations who care about people.


Everything begins with a conversation.

— Charrise McCrorey

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We are humbled by the relationships we have co-created which continue well past our professional engagement. leaders have more fun when they begin to work ON the business. Communication channels open and become inordinately clear and effective. Trust increases exponentially. Leaders grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. Hearts open.